Main Attractions of Damaraland

Hiking in Namibia – Damaraland

Damaraland lies in the northwest of Namibia.The unofficial name, originally proposed by the Apartheid government for a “homeland” of the Damara people, is still widely used.

Rusty red ridges formed by granite alternate with savanna and tree-covered, dried out river beds. Such magnificent scenery is simply begging to be explored on foot.

A word of caution, wildlife is abundant in the area – large and small – so always check in with your travel agency, tour guide or lodge before you go on your adventure.

Ugab River and Twyfelfontein Area

Besides the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein, the Ugab River, Save the Rhino Camp and the small town of Uis are the main tourist attractions.

The Ugab River especially, is a fascinating place to visit – it’s home to a very special herd of desert elephants. These specially adapted animals nurse their young for a longer time than other elephants, ensuring their survival in such a harsh habitat.

With an experienced guide, you can take a hike in the river bed, get some climbing in and maybe have a first-hand encounter that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Doros Crater Area

A distance away from the Ugab, beautiful dune fields wait to be crossed.

Driving through the calcrete plains on a jeep track, you may spot ostrich, springbok and oryx before reach the Quantagab River and the Doros Crater.

From the end of the road, follow the river towards the centre of the crater. Here, soft sand alternates with tricky rocks, so watch your step.

Inside the crater, find north and locate the big piles of rock on the northern rim. Head steadfast towards them, never letting them out of your sight.

Make sure to leave markers on your trail so you will find your way back, too, (make sure not to leave these markers behind on your return). The crater is small but not always easy to navigate.

From the top of the rim, your gaze will fall across a land of breath-taking beauty.

The ground drops away almost vertically, giving way to vast plains interrupted only by flat-top mountains and trees.

Drink in the magnificence before making your way back to your car.

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