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Namibia - Your Safari Destination

“The smile of Africa” lies across the Tropic of Capricorn in Southern Africa, nestled between the wild Atlantic Ocean and the breathtaking Kalahari Desert. As one of the safest and most organized destinations on the African continent, Namibia offers everything your holiday could ever wish for.

Why Namibia?

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Freedom and plenty of space

Whether you’re looking for wildlife, photographic gems, a relaxed family holiday or the absolute adrenaline rush, safaris in Namibia have got you covered.

Read on below to find out more about the beauty of a holiday in Namibia.

Wildlife & Biodiversity

Namibia offers an amazing variety of animals, some of which can be found nowhere else in the world. With conservation written into its constitution, almost 40% of the country is protected. Aided by government efforts to involve grass-roots communities in tourism, Namibia now boasts healthy populations of many endangered species as well as Africa’s top 10 safari animals.

Namibia’s wildlife is often so abundant that you get to see warthog, baboons or antelopes like the impala on your way from one location to the next.

While some animals, like the black rhino or cheetah, take a little more time to find, big African game like elephants and giraffes make for relatively easy - and very memorable – safari experiences.

If you have patience and a good pair of binoculars, the many bird and reptile species offer a nice addition to your Namibia experience.

A definite highlight of the Namibian wildlife is their unique adaptation to the harsh conditions they face.

Scarcity of water and scorching heat in many parts of this, the driest country south of the Sahara, have given rise to fascinating features, such as a fog-collecting beetle, the unique Desert Elephants who can go without water for multiple days - or a see-through gecko.

Alone But Not Lonely

With almost 826 000 km2, Namibia is about three times the size of the UK. Home to just over 2 million people, Namibia is visited by around 1 million tourists each year.

Considering that almost 40 million people holiday in the UK, and that Namibia has a population density of only 3.13 people per square kilometer, Namibia is definitely one of the hidden gems of top tourism destinations.

Almost all major attractions are at least a day’s drive apart. The view of dusty roads stretching straight into the horizon is something you’ll never get used to, and even during tourist season, most highlights of Namibia feel far from crowded. During your journey, you may well think that you have the whole country to yourself.

In contrast, major cities offer a break from the vast expanse of the Namibian wilderness and so, on the whole, a holiday in Namibia finds the perfect balance between entertainment and exclusivity.

The Stars at Night…

Even in the dark, the Namibian experience doesn’t hold back. Part of the top three destinations for stargazing, the Namibian night sky is a view to behold. The general lack of clouds combined with a second-to-none absence of light pollution provides the perfect scene for the perfect scenery.


Travelling with children? No problem in Namibia.

Apart from a very small number of extreme safari locations, attractions, parks and lodges are all accessible to children. While the long hours in the car travelling from one spot to the next can seem daunting, the unfamiliar landscape and possible animal encounters ensure leisurely fun all around.

Views to Die For

Home to possibly the oldest desert in the world, Namibia has an impressive display of magnificent scenery. Spanning at least six different biomes, Namibia’s landscape is as fascinating as it is suited for one-of-a-kind photographs.

From the towering sand dunes of the Namib and the crashing waves of the Atlantic to the boundless wetlands of the Zambezi, every day in Namibia offers new and exciting details to discover.

Highlights & Secret Attractions

Namibia is arguably the most hauntingly beautiful destination for seasoned travelers, newbies, families, luxury tourists or backpackers. From the Etosha National Park to Sossusvlei, Lüderitz and Damaraland, the highlights alone would delight any travel enthusiast.

And if you’re looking for more than just extraordinary, beside the roads most travelled lie secret jewels, experiences unlike any others; locations that will – simply put – blow your mind with their serene splendor and unmatched uniqueness. 

The Self-Drive of Safaris

Offering more flexibility and privacy than often crowded scheduled tours, a self-drive gives you the chance to be in charge of your holiday – with no hassle whatsoever. We will take care of everything so you can arrive, drive and enjoy.

Our self-drive packages include a rental car with equipment, accommodation and a ready-made itinerary; all you have to do is show up. If you’re looking for a more unique experience, we will even help you plan your very own itinerary.

There is, after all, no feeling that comes close to exploring Namibia’s wilderness, knowing that you have back-up support from knowledgeable experts on travelling in Namibia.


As a wholly Namibian-owned company, our travel agents, support staff and guides know exactly how to give you the experience of a lifetime. With intricate knowledge of the country, its wildlife and its people, Mat-Travel Tours & Safaris is your one-stop solution for an unforgettable holiday in the best country on earth. Mat-Travel is also represented on SafariBookings.com